Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Joy of the Bag

For years, I dreamed of a custom made bag with a pocket for each thing I carry: glasses, phone, address book, iPod, wallet, address book, appointment book, pen, pencil etc. Thanks to Cinnamon Cooper, custom bag maker extraordinaire and overall decent person, that dream is realized, and it was surprisingly inexpensive.

I'm now an evangelist for the custom made bag for every one. This just may be the key to happiness. Keys? Check. Make up? Check. Bike light? Check. I've probably gained weight from not searching car, home, garage, yard, pockets and old bag for my keys alone. If you've been thinking about doing it, take the plunge. Call Cinnamon.

TOP: I got to pick the cloth, natch. Cinnamon vigilantly tracked down that hard-to-find vintage pattern for the stripe and lining. MIDDLE: There's that pattern lining the interior. Interior includes a velcroed pocket for wallet and a tabbed pocket for iPod, among others. BOTTOM: Under flap storage for business card, pen, pencil, glasses, phone. Perfect.

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