Monday, June 23, 2008

Stuff Happens In Britain

Which is why I get so many posts from The Telegraph UK.

Headline: Heinz advert offends viewers with male kiss

If Kerry had been elected, the press would be having a field day with a Heinz mayonnaise ad featuring a male kiss. The commercial is too complex (and silly) to sum up pithily, so read the original article here.

Would You Like A TV Show With Those Commercials?

If you want to be seriously offended by commercials, count up how much of your 30 and 6o minute shows they consume. According to Austin.360:
An episode of the hour-long CSI has up to 19 minutes of commercials.
An episode of half-hour Arrested Development has up to 11 minutes of commercials. has similar numbers:
"The AAAA report showed that in the primetime slot, non-programming time on network television was 16:43 minutes per hour. The daytime level of advertising was 20:53 minutes per hour.

On cable, the Fox Family Channel was the most cluttered with 18:03 minutes of commercials per hour; E! came in second with 17:19 minutes of ads per hour; and MTV was third with 17:19 minutes per hour of clutter."

For tonight's entertainment, may I recommend instead of a Cialis commercial, The Secret History by Donna Tartt? At 542 pages, it should cover a couple weeks worth of non-programming airtime.

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