Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Best of Costco

Is Costco worth the annual fee? Of course if you buy enough diapers and dishwashing liquid it is. But Costco also has gourmet items not found anywhere else, or at least not anywhere near the price. All items listed are much larger than they appear in photo.

Galvanina Blood Orange Soda

It’s pretty. It’s organic. It’s carbonated. It’s Italian. What more can you ask. Comes in cases of six.

Pilaros Olives
Good jarred olives are hard to find. They’re usually bitter, hard, and the meat clings to the pit as if cemented there. These olives are superior because a.) they’re not bitter 2.) they’re not hard and 3.) the meat falls off the pit.

Dakota Organic Ground Beef
If ground beef were tofu, Dakota would be silken. Almost creamy, this burger crumbles if cooked on too low heat. Sear it then lower the heat. It comes in packets of three individually wrapped 1 pound servings.

Kirkland Raw Almonds
My mother-in-law turned me on to raw unsalted almonds, which I find are excellent when cooked and salted. Toss a cup or two in a bowl with tamari (not soy sauce) and a bit of shaved ginger. Bake them on a cookie sheet at 350 for three minutes. Put them back in a bowl and toss them with tamari again. Cook 5 more minutes. Eat warm.

This post is a rip-off of my friend Mark who lists his own Costco favorites.

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