Sunday, July 20, 2008

Thai Pop Taste Test

I caught a certain amount of grief for posting about the taste of Mangda na without trying it. So while I was initially going to post a photo of these three cans of Thai pop simply because they are beautiful (aren’t they purty?), I decided to man up and taste them. Being a big chicken, I enlisted two guest judges/moral supporters, Chris and Bing.

We tried them in the order of most familiar taste to least familiar taste. Our first surprise was the drinks were not carbonated. After looking at the cans again, they do say “drink” and not “pop”. Helps to read labels. The second surprise was the color. The lychee was not red, the white gourd was not white and the birds nest was not twig colored.

Here are our conclusions:

Lychee Drink
Looks like: sugar syrup
Smells like: feet + pears
Tastes like: sugar

White Gourd Drink
Looks like: weak pee, apple juice
Smells like: feet + ritz crackers + vanilla + almond
Tastes like: sweet + ginseng

Birds Nest Drink
Looks like: weak green tea
Smells like: strawberries
Tastes like: we couldn’t think of anything to compare it to, but definitely the best of the three

N.B. I did get sick to my stomach, though Chris and Bing did not. From here on out, I'm content to post food and food packaging solely on their aesthetic appeal. Thanks, judges!

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