Friday, October 31, 2008

In Wooden Acting

What's a word for a review that comes out two years after the movie? Irrelevant? So be it. But I finally just saw "Capote" and was seriously disappointed. Philip Seymour Hoffman was great, but to the rest of the cast: whatever happened to acting?

1.) What did they tell Chris Cooper, "We're not giving you any lines, just scowl for ninety minutes?"

2.) Was Harper Lee really so depressed? It seemed like she could barely summon the energy to get in her oh so subtle digs at Capote.

3.) Hello Hickock and Perry. In reality, two extremely violent men, played in the movie like lovable doofuses, particularly Hickock.

I'm thinking the problem with movies and having kids is that you tend to watch movies on DVD rather than at the theatre and lose the style of the big screen, weighing your expectations for the movie more toward substance, which is not fair to movies because they are largely about style. For instance, those long shots of the Cutter home were gorgeous on our little TV and surely a real stunner on the movie screen, but that aspect of cinema loses its punch on the television.

Which is why I am going to see the upcoming Bond film at the theatre.

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