Thursday, November 6, 2008

Now That's Smokin

Liquid Smoking promises a cigarette-like experience to help smokers deal with the smoking ban in pubs in England. Yum!

The Dutch Manufacturer, United Drinks and Beauty Corporation (strange name?)—which does not appear to have a web site—says the drink contains no nicotine but does contain roots from South African plants. Cuz we all know how nicotiliscious those are.

Not sure how Liquid Smoking compares to Cocaine Energy Drink, which claims to provide 3.5 times the high of Red Bull. Don't get too excited—you can't get either drink in the U.S.

I'm thinking: if you had a Liquid Smoking, Cocaine Drink and an O'Doul's, you could drink, smoke and do drugs without drinking, smoking and doing drugs. You can have it all! And if you mixed the three together, you can do all three simultaneously. As disgusting as these drinks sound, I'm actually not sure the Diet Coke next to my keyboard is much better.

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