Sunday, August 16, 2009

Yes, We Let Our Kids Watch TV

Our almost six year old is on a Phineas and Ferb kick right now, and all I can say is: thank God.

1.) P+F is hilarious and 2.) Caillou—that whiney, tinny voiced little urchin whose part was read by a girl—is finally gone from our living room. The love affair with Caillou lasted far too long. Caillou (the show, not the kid) exuded simultaneously emasculating and Larry Craig-esque qualities. Caillou's mother, thick in both the waist and belly but with the breasts of an 11 year old, was stripped not only of sexuality, but any personality whatever. She did not appear to have a job, friends or interests outside her family and wore the same outfit every day, a sure sign of depression.

Caillou's father, hairless, nippleless and also strangely thick in the waist, constantly carted Caillou off to meet "special friends" like the local fireman, farmer and cowboy. Mom never came on these trips, probably opting to consume a gallon of low fat frozen yogurt while her husband frolicked with sailors. Dad and said fireman/farmer/cowboy would typically spirit away for a several few couple minutes, leaving Caillou alone to play with a goat or fire hose.

Adieu Calliou!