Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hello. Hello. Hi.

The office I'm gigging at has to be the hello-iest office building in Chicago. Plunked in the South Loop with stunning views of the Chicago River and skyline, it houses maybe 80 businesses and EVERYbody in the building says hello. Doesn't matter if you work for the same business, on the same floor, if you know the person, everyone says hello. I feel like I am back in Richmond, Virginia where everybody said hello. For all of the hello-ing, there is zero small talk. When I took the stairs down, every time I hit a landing, I'd round a passel of people waiting for the sluggish elevator and we'd be all hello, hi, hello, hello, hi hello, as I weaved by but when I'd throw out "I got tired of waiting for the elevator": nothing. No response. Nada. Once, on one floor, a guy said, "You too."