Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Salsa Hechas En Casa

Of all the reasons to love Chicago, Mexican grocery stores have to be in the top five.

Mexican grocery stores sell really cheap produce. And it's good, too—not like the cardboard baseballs passing for Fuji apples at chain supermarkets. However I must say in the chains's defense, their produce is getting better—though not cheaper. Still, nothing compares to $1 avocados and 10 cent limes and nothing, as Sinead O'Connor would say, compares to this:

That, is a cooler full of homemade salsas. And they taste as absolutely freakin amazing as they look. Can you read the sign? $2.89! Each one of those color stripes is a different variety of salsa (except for the off white chunky stripes, which are chicken and tuna salad and the like).

And what should one buy to dip in one's salsas? These:

Homemade chips, made in the back of the store. They are very good, which is bad, because it is easy to eat a lot, and their nutritional value is not so good which is bad because, well seriously, this should be obvious. These chips are delicious and that is bad. But I bought them. For research purposes.

If you're lucky, there's a liquor store next to the grocery store with a fiberglass horse out front. The horse I think is to remind people not to ride drunk.

And here is the pico de gallo back home so you can see how delicious it is. You can tell it is delicious just by looking at it.

Next Time: Korean grocery stores