Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Slow News Week

It's been a slow blog week because I can't find the cord that connects my camera to my computer. Trapped inside that camera are photos for the following fascinating blog topics:

1. weeds growing knee-deep out of our garage
2. forks: which of these three forks is easiest for a 2-year-old to maneuver? We took the test
3. a tribute to tacos al pastor

Sad, isn't it?

We did have a 7-stitch night at the emergency room Monday after our six-year-old gashed her foot on a toy frying pan. She spent the car ride to the hospital screaming: "I never, ever, thought this would happen to me!" Yeah, you and me both, sister. She was treated by an easy-on-the-eyes, mellow doctor who looked like he was in eighth grade. We spent half the night at the hospital, the last gazillion hours waiting for the nurse to put on a bandage. Much drama, and brought back memories of when I was five, we were packing the car to leave for vacation, when I tripped and gashed my head on the front step. I got stitches with no pain killer at a military hospital and felt guilty for holding up everyone's vacation.

And four things I don't understand:
1. people who ride motorcycles and scooters wearing flip-flops.
2. why the enter-your-zip-code buttons at the gas pump have to be so difficult to push. I need to get myself a 98.6 degree sledgehammer.
3. handbills left in our door—trash: "Hey I just littered on your property, please call me for an aluminum siding quote." I found out recently these ads left on your property are not legal. I have a friend who got so mad about it, he called the businesses telling them they were breaking the law. He received a call from his alderman asking him to stop harassing the alderman's donors.
4. I have a business email account I pay for and a free account I don't pay for, both from the same popular! ISP. The account I pay for is constantly telling me it's temporarily down; the free one never does. Wha?