Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Bad News: USB cord for camera has not turned up. Weed, fork, and taco blog photos remain trapped in Canon.
Good News: Losing USB cord forced me to do what I've needed to do for a long time: purchase a semi-professional camera.
Better News: My Nikon D90 just arrived.
Bad News: I can't use it yet. No extras at all, including no camera bag or memory card. I am surprised there is even a lens cap.
Good News: Nikon's USB cord works on our old Canon. Now I can write my weeds post, my forks post, and my taco post.

On a related note, I am surrendering to the serial comma. When I was in high school, the last comma in a list was optional. The way it was presented to us, it was more enlightened to leave it out. This was the journalistic style, and journalism was worldly and worldly was . . . now all of a sudden the serial comma is mandatory—everybody's using it—and I'm not going to fight this fight. Serial comma it is.

Weeds: here they are, thigh-high weeds growing behind our garage.

Tacky, I agree—especially when you compare the back of our garage to the back of our neighbor's garage.

We are that neighbor whose weed spores flutter onto your freshly sodded turf. In our defense, it isn't as if the neighbors are out weeding behind their garages all day while we're inside kicking the dog. It's that we are one of the few on our block who do not park in our garage. We were even asked by a neighbor: "Why do you not park in your garage?" My parents never parked in their garage, for starters. Where would we store our lawnmower, child transportation devices and stacks of drywall if there were cars in the way, for two? No one else gets weeds because four heavy wheels roll over their wannabe weeds many times a day, stunting their precious growth.

Plus, I have better Sisyphean pursuits than weeding the alley. Other thankless chores I could do 1). take our four bags of aluminum cans to recycling center (thanks City of Chicago for your non-recycling) 2.) mop dining room floor 3.) file bills 4.) weed actual lawn 5.) grocery shop 6.) you get the picture.

But weed the alley I did, with this result:

Much better, but better than what? It's still a dirty alley behind a decaying garage. It doesn't look good in or of itself. Nobody is going to drive by and admire our dirty weed-free concrete. It only looks better than it did.

Postscript: Now I am stalked across the Internet by ads for the D90.

Next: forks.