Monday, January 3, 2011

Ice Breakers

I love this product. It is a gum experience not matched since Freshen Up, The Gum That Goes Squirt. First Ice Breakers Ice Cubes (that seems to be the name) are shaped in cubes, which from a put it in your mouth sensation perspective, is oddly satisfying. Second, the cubes are coated in some gritty something or the other, also an oddly satisfying grit to the tooth sensation. And the little blue dots, it's almost like chewing toothpaste. If you love mint, this stuff goes straight up your nose, so it also serves as an antihistamine. Ice Breaker Ice Cubes taste great, reminding me of Germany for a reason I can't place. The consistency must be experienced to be understood—how you might expect Silly Putty to feel in your mouth if Silly Putty were a chewing gum.

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