Monday, April 18, 2011

YouTube Love

I finally created a YouTube page of my favorite videos. To make the list, the songs have to be great and/or distinctive both visually (video) and aurally (you know, the song). As with any rule, I made an exception: Sinead O'Connor's cover of House of the Rising Sun which has no video component. You can click on the songs individually below. Appreciate the liner notes. I spent minutes on them.

I appreciate Ludacris' willingness to be, well, ludicrous, and I LOVE the backup dancers in the pink herringbone that appear about 2 minutes in.

She's just so sexy and funny.

It's rare I'm charmed by a duo, but I'm charmed. Plus the song is great. Too bad I can't purchase it in the US.

I do love this song, though I like the studio version better than this live one.

As with many of her songs, Sinead really starts hammering this cover about half way through.

Barely Political captures everything you love and loath about your favorite artists. Might even be better than the original, except for Lady Gaga's hot dance scene in the original.

Some truly hilarious moments in this video. This is not a song I love enough to listen on my iPod, but I like the song/video combo.

They're just cool.

Remember how I said they were cool?

The last OK Go, I promise. A video the whole family can enjoy. My three year old has watched it 50 times.

Definitely better than the original. Hilarious.

12. Neutra Face: Ode On A Typeface (Poker Face Parody)
Helps to have been/known a type geek to appreciate this one, but Lady Gaga lovers should appreciate, plus anybody who thinks these guys are hot.


I can't tell if JB is super chill or just a little out to lunch, but she sure can sing. I also like how she looks like one of the Monkees here.

I don't love this video, it feels too Rudyard Kipling. Am I missing some intended irony? Love the song though.

This video paints an awful portrait of women as consumables, so thumbs down for that, but Justin Timberlake dances at his finest. His dancing doesn't seem as highly choreographed as in some of his videos, but he's so easy and smoov here. Plus the color palettes and composition of the shots in this video are amazing.

The It Gets Better series doesn't get any better than this. LOVE. There's a clean version that's hilarious.

More 80s than the 80s themselves. Catchy too. 

1! 2! 3! 4! Love.

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  1. Hi Mary,
    Check out The Chemical Brothers "Let Forever Be."
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