Monday, August 15, 2011

Why God Made Swimming Pools

In the creepiest "things found on google whilst googling other things" ever, we are introduced the wolf fish, which, despite its nightmarish looks, is supposed to be as cuddly as a kitten—or at least not "particularly" dangerous. It's also being overfished, according to an internet source, though this seems improbable unless people are using ponies as bait. Click the link to see the rest of its insanely frightening body, if you dare.

Oh, and it's descended from a 50 million year old ancestral line, in case you couldn't tell.


  1. Dude. WHY? I hate any kind of fish (to look at and/or swim amongst, not to eat), and will have nightmares about this thing now! YUCK!!!

  2. Mary--I have named you as a recipient of the Liebster Award. Read more about it at my blog today.