Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Packaging Pin-ups

I finally got to Cost Plus World Market for a packaging fix, and just in time. Another week without the candy colored rainbow super saturated colors and something bad was going to go down. I share my best of the week's pickings with you.

What's a packaging fix without a little Hello Kitty. Not one at all, right. Candy in a tin to-go container festooned with Hello Kitty. This one has it all.

Is this lunch-size hummus packaging the epitome of I-have-to-have-it? Personally, I prefer my hummus from the refrigerator section, but these super cool little packs almost made me cave. I can see myself tossing them into the kid's lunch, never to be touched or eaten.

 Boo-yah. See how gracefully you can age if you drink Longevity Brand?

 Mystifying mints. I like the two color theme of this and Hello Kitty.

 Nutella is the most overrated snack in history, but in single serving containers, it moves up a couple notches.

 These peanut butter packs are a little bigger than ketchup packs. Hand-lettered type is always a packaging plus.

And these maple syrup bottles are about the size of a fist. What is it about packaging something in the shape of the raw material of the thing you're packaging that makes it  irresistible? Come to think about it, syrup doesn't come from leaves. Make that the symbol of the country it comes from.

All packaging is improved by a smiling face.

See what I mean about smiley faces? This image is from their site, not my camera but it is way too cute not to include.

I was disappointed that the one thing I actually needed to buy (well I suppose no one ever needs to buy anchovy paste) came in a very boring package. I may have to re-design this and post to a future blog entry.

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