Sunday, February 23, 2014

Lego A No Go

My ten-year-old leaned over to me half-way through the Lego movie: "I wish I could touch the bottom of the screen and see how much time is left, because I am really bored."

I had to agree.

Though the movie's problem was more than being boring.

The first problem is a kick-ass, fierce, accomplished female character (Wyldstyle) falls for a unremarkable rule-follower (Emmet) with no particularly original ideas other than a bunk-couch. Female character comes understand her subservient position to the special Emmet character—and to adore and venerate him—because she's realizes that, well, men are awesome.

Second problem is when corporations tell us how to be an original, free thinker: purchase their products! And if you don't follow the directions, they have a special admiration for you, you crazy renegade purchaser! Here's a pat on your free-thinking caucasian head, now go on back to Target to buy the deluxe model.

Just to make sure you understand that you can't think for yourself with the aid of a corporate overlord, a Coke commercial precedes the movie. Various folks at creative pinnacle of their lives—which they face with a Coca-Cola in hand. Free-thinkers take creative risks with can of carbonated chemicals at their side.

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