Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hey, Favicons!

How do you get those little icons next to your URL and why don't I have one, I asked myself. Typed "little icon next URL" into Google and learned it is called a favicon and how to make one.

First: "Save your image as a 16 x 16 pixel Windows file." Huh? What is a Windows file? Platform-specific files are passé, right? Well whatever, there are sites that generate favicons on the fly. No need to know what a Windows files is.

I uploaded a GIF of Edea (image A.) to and it generated image B. which did not look too promising, but Edea's my girl, so we pressed on, placing the file—which must be called favicon.ico—in the root directory of my web site.

That brings us to image C.: Edea as a little icon next to my URL!

I'd have to classify this as Not-Quite-Successful. But hey, I have a favicon. You can too.

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