Monday, July 7, 2008

Why Does Everyone Pick On Parents?

I was doing my daily skim of the Huffington Post when I saw the headline: "Raising Mini Addicts." The article was by a mom, who has some kids, who went to a birthday party, who saw video games set out on a table. Once the mom picked her jaw off the floor, she was moved to conclude:

"We are raising a generation of children who can't go about their daily lives without all these technological gadgets. "

Mini addicts, if you will. Perfectly logical concern, if you believe a four-year-old who likes video games can't possibly also like reading, drawing, bugs or unicorns.

The article reminded me that I planned one day to blog about the glut of articles written on how badly parents suck. What better time than the present? I hopped over to Google News, searched "parenting today," and was presented with these pretties from The Washington Post, Boston Globe, Sydney Morning Herald, Times of India and others:

Today's parents are poor role models for children

Pushy parents are snatching their kids' childhood

Are parents today getting it all wrong?

A scathing commentary on today's parenting

Have you been a good parent today?

Are we Raising A Nation of Wimps?

Rescuing Our Children from the Culture of Hyper-Parenting

Why We Fear Parenting

Yowza. Is any of this useful? Really?

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