Friday, August 15, 2008

Nothing To Dig Here

I was hopped up on researching the "Hey C'mon I Gave You An Article Now Make Me An Internet Sensation" icons that appear at the bottom of so many onlinozines (Slate, Huffington Post, Salon, etc.) but I bored of the project half way through and am not pursuing that thread after all, much to the relief of one reader who said the whole idea was boring from the get-go and demanded more gummi bear art (comments lines now closed).

And I can't say much about social bookmarking or Delicious that isn't covered in the clever video How To Explain Delicious To Your Parents. If you bookmark a lot, or want to but don't because your bookmark list already stretches down your monitor, over your keyboard, onto the floor and out the back door, check out Delicious. There should be a word for the joy that comes from having organized what was once a mess. Georderlich.

Is a post only talking about what you're not going to talk about really a post? Well, here's something. Is this not the cutest logo ever? It's not actually a logo, it's more of a mascot for the Electronic Frontier Foundation. They sell shirts with the little guy + cat and I'd almost shell out the $29 for one just because it's so darn cute but they don't specify whether the shirt is 100% cotton. So I'll just visit their site every day and gaze at it for my daily dose of gosh darn balls to the wall cuteness.

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