Thursday, August 14, 2008

You Say Gummy, I Say Yummy

Today's blog was supposed to be about bookmarking with but I was sidetracked by something even more delicious: gummi bear inspired art. I came across Jason Freeny (above) quite by accident, and I must say my life is the better for it. Jason creates art that can quite literally described as eye candy. You can buy a 12" x 12" print of Anatomie Gummi Bär for a mere $59.

If you are the more three-dimensional type, perhaps I can interest you in a gummi bear rug. This one's not for sale sadly, but you can view YaYa Chou's other gummi bear sculptures at galleryrevisited. The blog includes a convincing plea not to lacquer gummis and an argument that the green gummi is not as vibrant as it once was. At first I thought she meant the green gummis you buy in the store are not as vibrant as they once were but she was referring the green gummis in her art fading over time.


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