Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Creativity is at its lowest on hump day, ergo the unoriginal title of today's entry. Speaking of unoriginal, I am linking to Smashing Magazine, who manage to be creative even on Wednesday, for today's content. They've got a bunch of items that will make you happier, or think you are happier, because everyone knows things don't make you happy, heh. My favorite is the cell phone adapter above. I hate cell phones. They are small, and ring at the wrong time at the wrong volume at the wrong places and make my el rides intolerable because it is hard to work on my novel with the guy next to me screaming into his phone. But most of all you can't stick them between your ear and shoulder. You may say, get a headset but then you've got things sticking in your ear, which is unpleasant, or everyone says Eh What? I can't hear you and then you have to scream I'M USING A HEADSET! and no one on the el can work on their novel with you screaming into your headset. But here, a old receiver adapter for the cell phone and—happy.

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