Monday, September 15, 2008

Boxed In

I worry, you know, about things. Over the weekend I had to pick up a ream of paper and I automatically thought of Office Max even though it is three times as far as the closest CVS, which at four blocks away, is one block further than the closest Walgreens. After working out, I thought, yuck I have to go to Office Max in the rain. I thought this, even though there is a CVS directly across the street from my gym. Maybe because it was pouring and I was in a hurry, it dawned on me as I pulled out my car keys that the CVS was directly across the street. What have big box stores done to me, that I so slavishly drive there for reams of paper?

Another thing that worries me: I've been cribbing my daughter's vitamins. This is not new. She has those gummi vitamins and I have eaten about three a week for a while now— my little pre-bedtime sugar/B12 fix. But we just switched brands to Disney Princess. These taste exactly like Dots. Exactly. I could eat the whole jar. In a night. So I went ahead and bought a box of Dots (with my ream of paper) and eat those instead of traumatizing my kid by eating all her Snow Whites.

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