Friday, November 21, 2008

Vacuum-Packed Molotov Cocktails Coming Next

I've got a couple million dollar ideas, which you may steal if you wish. First is Steakables, which I believe needs no explanation. Second is Botox-infused facial moisturizer.

But innovators are a persecuted lot. Just ask Charlotte Waugh, who may face prosecution just because the cute addition to her gift basket line—an addition she dubs "nasty" baskets—may be a health hazard. According to the Telegraph:

"A "nasty" box could bear a message to the recipient saying "You Are A S***" and contain a vacuum-packed cow pat.

[But according to Waugh,] the droppings get vacuum-packed before they go in the box and it's all 100 per cent natural. It's a great, unusual present that I'm sure will be popular with a lot of people with a sense of humour."

Hahahahaha. Yikes.

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