Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Yahoo Should Be Called Boohoo

I don't have a flippin idea what to talk about today. Must be blogger's block. My usual resources of interesting and weird news stories yielded nothing. I have no personal musings to share. I thought about mocking how ugly the Google phone is, but that would be schadenfreude (sp?). Who makes fun of gazillionaire world-as-we-know-it-changers on a Tuesday? Silly news doesn't seem silly after reading about schoolgirls getting sprayed with acid.

Normally I rely on humor to keep me from being dragged into despair, which is why I keep my posts to relatively unimportant topics like bacon and gummi bears. But this week, I can't overcome the funk. I'm thinking the culprit is Yahoo.

Suddenly, when I open my mail, Yahoo presents me with the five most depressing world headlines. Last week they bogged me down with Somalian pirates. This week it's Iraq and Afghanistan horror stories. I don't see the value of being reminded of bad things every time I check my email, which I admit is as frequent as a caffeinated woodpecker pecking at a tree. This guaranteed to bring you down Yahoo mail/headlines feature was not in effect two weeks ago, and two weeks ago I was blogging along happily. I checked all my settings to get rid of the offending headlines—nothing. I may have to switch to gmail.

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