Thursday, December 18, 2008

Facebook Thursday

It's bad enough when annoying people from your past friend you on Facebook (no I am not referring to you; you're my favorite), but even worse when lawyers serve you papers over Facebook. A couple in Australia defaulted on a loan and could not be found at any listed address but they could be found on Facebook. That's a new problem with evading a warrant; you have to give up your Facebook account.

In a related vein, last night I attended an unofficial 25th high school reunion that was organized over Facebook. No need to bring family pictures; we had seen them all. High school wasn't horrific for me (that distinction belongs to middle school) but I approach these reunion thingeys like a Fear Factor challenge: I am compelled to attend them. Like, after Rocky, I was determined to drink a glass of raw eggs. A voice for decades told me I had to do it. Never did; the closest I've gotten is to break eggs into milkshakes and smoothies, but this voice relentlessly calls me a wimp. And when Laverne and Shirley drank Pepsi mixed with milk, that same voice told me I had to drink Pepsi mixed with milk. I haven't done that yet either, but the voice is there, telling me I have about forty years left to drink that Pepsi with milk so I better get to it.

The reunion wasn't bad. I had a good time.

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