Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It's Cooking Season

Who knows? I could die tonight, so here's all my cooking secrets in one place.

1. A dollop of bacon grease in a pot of a chili yields smokin delicious chili.
2. Add a dab of poupon mustard and brown sugar to your tomato sauce.
3. Use banana peppers, jalapeno peppers and habenera peppers in your guacamole. Also stir in store bought pico de gallo to save time and render muy delicioso.
4. Squirt lime in your diet coke.
5. A drink of three quarters bubbly water and one quarter pomegranate juice is yummy.
6. Never ever ever use butter substitutes.
7. Tamari is far superior to soy sauce.
8. You can freeze ginger for practically ever, and grate it still frozen directly into your food.
9. The secret ingredient to Indian cooking is asafetida. The second secret ingredient is mangoes.
10. You can also chop up lemongrass and simmer it in water, strain out the lemongrass stalks and pour the lemongrass water into ice cube trays and store in freezer. Toss a lemongrass ice cube into any sort of stir fry-ish dish. Lemongrass ice is also refreshing to suck on.
11. You can also freeze pesto in ice cube trays. Throw a cube of pesto into any pasta/chicken-ish dish.
12. Nuts are a good addition to any cold salad; raw nuts roasted slightly are even better.
12. Use sea salt for everything.

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