Monday, December 29, 2008

Ode To Winter

Did anyone else notice the SUVs Behaving Badly last week? While the rest of us double digit gas mileage vehicles had to slide through the blizzardy conditions at 20mph, the SUVs were revving and roaring and bucking at my side, ready to fly off in front of me at 60 mph the moment the light went green. I have never had so many SUVs fishtailing so wildly behind my bumper, trying to get around, trying to get around.

I understand in a way. Blizzards are the one day of the year in Chicago that you can remotely justify your gaz gussling, lane hogging off road vehicle, so by gum, whether you need to leave the house or not, get out there and show your neighbors what a big, um, car you have. Thank Gad we have an SUV honey, or I never would have been able to get to Whole Foods for anise.

On a happy note, I am thrilled with my Land's End -15 degrees down jacket (only $90!). I too, look for excuses to go outside in freezing weather because I AM WARM. Jessie wants to practice on her new scooter on the sidewalk? Sure! Normally, I'd have sent her to the basement (yes, the same basement you've seen photos of) but not with my new down jacket. I actually heard myself saying the words: "You want to go inside already?"

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