Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ode to Light Fixtures

This was the light fixture in our dining room as of a week ago. We bought it on sale shortly after moving into our house. It was crazy cheap, marked down to $12 or so from about $60. There's a rule of shopping that if you like something at full price, you love it and must absolutely have it when it is marked down 75%. So we bought it. No aspersions on fixture, it is lovely, but as you can see, a bit too small for the large space, only a single bulb and the heavy black cord overwhelms the small lamp.

Still, this fixture would have remained in our dining room until time eternal had we not visited my partner's cousin's new house and spotted this bad boy hanging in her dining room.

"I love your light fixture," I said.
"I hate it," she said.
"How can you hate it?"
"It's ugly, and I've ordered a new one."
"What are you doing with this one?"
"Throwing it in the trash as soon as possible."
"Can we have it?"
"Why would you want that hideous thing?"
And that's how we wound up with this lovely fixture in our dining room. Four bulbs! We can see what we're eating for dinner!

In anticipation of our new light fixture, Sarah went on a Divine Design bender and decided to change our overall downstairs color palette from orange and brown... blue and brown:

Fresh, no? The color transformation took place in throw pillows and afghans. Those curtains behind the couch were replaced with the curtain draped over the couch. Oh, and not shown, we switched the living room rug (reddish) and the play room rug (blue-ish). Cheap and easy.

As a side note, see how cute squirrels are in the abstract?

And another side note, the original fixture did not get thrown in the trash. It now illuminates a dark weird little hallway previously lit by a bare bulb: