Monday, July 12, 2010

Random Thoughts

I’ve been looking at women’s hair lately, and my unscientific estimation is over 85% of women have some coloring product in their hair, and less than 5% of men do. Who wins this war of the perfect colored hair? Men, of course. The women’s hair is largely frizzed, fried, two and three toned, roots growing in, sometimes the color and consistency of a brillo pad spray painted yellow. The men? Their hair looks great.

My aunt told me my gray needed covering up. She offered to do the deed herself, so necessary was the color. She used the terms brutal honesty and hair intervention. We autumns gray horribly, she told me. I like my gray. After a life of mouse brown, the gray finally provides character.

On a related note, I’m trying to read Middlemarch, apparently everybody’s who’s intelligent favorite book. 800 pages! Luckily the introduction is 80 pages, so that pulls it down to 720. The first line of Book I. (of how many, I don’t dare count) did grab me:

Miss Brooke had that kind of beauty which seems to be thrown into relief by poor dress.

I like those types of observations, timeless, just as easily said yesterday.

Miss Brooke had that kind of hair which seems to be thrown into relief by bad color.