Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I’d forgotten the joy of the Laundromat: watching your clothes spin around in the sudsy gray water, knowing unequivocally that all the pee your son soaked his PJs and blankets in during his very prolific overnight peeing activity is being enveloped in and disappeared by soapy suds that will be whisked away and replaced with clean, fresh water. It’s nice also to wash four loads at the same time. And, it reminds me of college when life was simpler and I was thinner.

Plus the Laundromat WI-FI is much better than our motel WI-FI, which seems to operate only for 2-minute intervals and at the speed of a fart. Not that I need to be on the Internet on vacation, but it is nice to have the choice. After pushing coin after coin into machines with heavy levers that take a good solid push to operate and make satisfying chunk-chunk sounds, I’m sitting in front of the Laundromat in a plastic mustard yellow chair while a woman next to me tells someone on the other end of her cell phone: “The only thing that stays the same is change.”

It’s pretty great.